Do The Right thing – Provide face coverings.

It may not be a legal requirement, but should employers be providing face coverings? The choice to provide additional protection and create the safest possible work environment lies with brands and employers, and the benefits will be three-fold: the employer has a healthier workforce the employees appreciate the effort being made to keep them safe […]

Nano-silver, what’s the problem?

With multiple sources investigating the larger impact of nano-silver technology we thought we would share what we’ve learned, and some information on how HeiQ Viroblock technology differs from other treatments out there. What is it? Many widely used surgical face masks use a nano-silver blend in order to protect people from diseases and viruses such […]

Believe it . . .

. . . HeiQ Viroblock, the science. Since launching AnyBrand HeiQ Viroblock treated face coverings last month, we have been engaged in a lot of conversations and answering lots of questions about the efficacy of the products. Here are some quick access facts to reassure you the science is credible. We have detailed scientific papers and certification available to support […]

Face-up to sustainable face coverings

We have launched a range of sustainable face coverings, which we hope can be part of the package that helps events get back to business. They are safely re-usable, made from recycled materials, recyclable at end of life and an effective barrier to COVID-19. So what’s the problem? Single use masks fly in the face […]

Face Coverings Effectiveness – Busting the Myths

Currently, there is a lot of white noise on the topic of the effectiveness of face coverings with political bias, international discrepancy, and uncertainty, particularly in the UK with a lack of clear government guidance. Businesses and organisations from schools to live events are struggling with defining policies, and we need a quick, effective solution […]